JERI Outreach

Jewish Eldercare of Rhode Island’s (JERI) sole mission is to provide a connection to our Jewish Seniors. These seniors are living in their homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and patients in hospitals.  As people age, their traditions and customs are something that becomes vital for them to hold on to.jeri

 Reaching Out. Touching Lives.

At any given time, JERI staff and volunteers are conducting Shabbat services, Passover Seders, and a variety of programs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Our JERI staff visit every Jewish resident in nursing homes throughout the state of Rhode Island.  The JERI staff provide training to facility staff, so they have a better understanding of the traditions that mean so much to our Jewish seniors.  The focal point of the programs is not what the seniors have lost, but to enhance what they still have.

One of the most vital aspects of Jewish Eldercare of Rhode Island is how we depend on volunteers for our program. Through the generosity of our Women’s Association, gifts are delivered three times a year for Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, and Purim.  Volunteers are an integral part of these deliveries. The spiritual component of visits plays an important role that it encompasses the needs of the elderly.  The CHAVER program recognizes the importance and the opportunity to concentrate on the spiritual needs of the residents. 

For volunteers interested in taking on the mitzvah of visiting the elderly in nursing homes or in private residences, the JSA offers the CHAVER curriculum. CHAVER (Caring Helpers and Visitors Empower Residents) is a program that gives volunteers the skills and understanding they need to become spiritually friendly visitors. The two hour training covers secular and Jewish issues, preparing volunteers to respond to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the people they visit.

The following psalm best describes the philosophy of the JERI program.  (Psalm 71:9) “Do not cast me aside when I am old; when my strength has come to an end (or wavers), do not desert me.” 

For more information about the JERI Outreach Program, or to touch the lives of Jewish seniors by becoming a JERI or CHAVER volunteer, call Susie Adler, Program Coordinator,  at 401-621-5374 or email Susie at